We offer both hard and soft custom hearing protection. There is a suitable otoplasty for every noisy environment such as a factory, industry or even a festival. Perhapt you work in a nightclub, or maybe you drive a motorcycle? For this target audience, we also offer a solution.

Our hard hearing protection is especially suitable for people who often take their earplugs in and out of their ears during the day. The smooth surface ensures that the caps easier ‘slide in’ the ear, and also they are easier to clean. This is ideal if you work with substances that give you dirty hands, such as fats or oils. The hard hearing protection is also hypo-allergenic. A detection bird is possible for people who work in the food industry.

Our soft hearing protection is made of very flexible and comfortable material. The earplugs are finished with a transparent lacquer for an even better wearing comfort. Our customers often choose these if they wear the earplugs continuously for a long time.