Do you want to protect your employees from getting hearing damage in the workplace? That is not surprising, as damage unfortunately can not be cured. Fortunately, you can wear good protection to prevent this from happening. We make customized hearing protection for you and your employee(s).


We offer both hard and soft custom hearing protection. There is a suitable otoplasty for every noisy environment such as a factory, industry or even a festival. Perhapt you work in a nightclub, or maybe you drive a motorcycle? For this target audience, we also offer a solution...

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You can also have your customized hearing protection expanded with possibilities for communication. Because the otoplasty removes environmental noise, speech becomes more clear. We make customized solutions for communicating through bluetooth connection, radio of cable connection...

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What is noise? A machine on the work floor, or a mosquito in the bedroom? It can also occur that noise by a snoring partner of sound in or around the house keeps you out of your sleep. Then, our soft sleeping plugs offer the solution. Thanks to the perfect fit, your night’s rest is guaranteed to come back.


If you swim frequently, you may suffer from the water going in your ears. Our customized swimming plugs can prevent this. Our swim plugs are made of soft silicon material which ensures high comfort. Also for the little swimmers, we like to make ear plugs. These are immediately ready after measurement. This is ideal for all the swimming lessons or during the holidays.